The Spooklights

Performing Friday, June 28th (Late Night on the Backwoods Stage)

ElectroRoots / Folktronica/Hillbilly House/RaveGrass

Banjo and synthesizers…Dulcimers and wubs…Strange flashing lights…Unexplained phenomena…The Spooklights (formerly MK Ultra) is a collaboration of Ben Miller and Pay Kay that is not what anyone would have expected from these two renowned torchbearers of Ozark Mountain music tradition heretofore. It’s certainly not what they expected when they traded keys to one another’s bunker of busted toys and forlorn experiments during the lockdown of a global pandemic.

from a pile of spare parts and fringe ideas, these industrious cobblers of homemade gear soldered a few choice wires between Electronic Music and their trademark “Ozark Stomp Grass” producing a jangle-stomp time-machine to vessel their most bizarre implements and soundscapes. In it, they have embarked on a journey exploring hillbilly music from a distant future. Hop on in, ya’ll. It’s only weird the first time.

The Spooklights’ debut album entitled ‘MK Ultra’ an homage to the original band name, was released October 27, 2023 and is available on all platforms.