Volunteer Opportunities at Blue Ox

Individual volunteer spots are typically filled year to year by the same individuals. There are very few open spots each year, and they mainly arise from new areas that we are looking to address. Feel free to send your contact information off to the email link below, though keep in mind open spots are few and far between.

The Blue Ox Music Festival also works with service groups who are looking to raise funds. These positions are typically led by an individual in the group to provide labor in a specific aspect of the festival. In exchange the organization is paid for the groups efforts.

Some examples include:

  • Experienced/licensed Bartenders
  • Pre-Festival Setup
  • Post-Festival Takedown/Trash pickup
  • General Labor
  • Sanitary – morning trash pickup
  • Camping Logistics
  • Shower Attendants
  • Gate wristband checks/bag checks

Please note – You must be at least 18 years old to work at Blue Ox Music Festival. 

*Not all applicants will be accepted as there are limited positions available.