Armchair Boogie

BasA 4-piece bluegrass folk band formed in the heart of Central Wisconsin and brought to life by Ben Majeska (guitar, vocals) and Augie Dougherty (banjo, vocals) in the autumn of 2014, their Main Street porch performances in Stevens Point, Wisconsin made up their first venue, and so they soon took on the name “Armchair Boogie”. The only thing missing was a rhythm section to drive the genre-bending sound. Eli Frieders (bass) and Dan Waterman (drums) held down the beat until Denzel Connor took over behind the kit in 2017. Awarded Summer Camp Music Festival’s “On the Road 2017” designation, that year also marked a transitional move to the Madison area and is currently home base. Armchair Boogie released their debut self-titled album in the spring of 2018 and continues to create, collaborate, and promote their funky brand of bluegrass across the Midwest and beyond.ed out of Madison, WI, Armchair Boogie is a powerhouse bluegrass band unafraid of exploring the realms of rock, funk, and honky-tonk. With drums and electric bass backing acoustic guitar and banjo, the boogie boys perform high-energy shows featuring fast-pickin’ and dynamic jams. Catch them touring nationally, climbing festival lineups, and putting on barn-burner shows!