2024 Art in the Pines

Art Installations at Blue Ox 2024 sponsored by Visit Eau Claire


Art in the Pines is an assortment of unique and engaging art created and installed by regional artists which you’ll find within the campground and festival bowl.


Congratulations to the applicants who were chosen to be a part of Art in the Pines at Blue Ox 2024!

(We had the most submissions this year than ever before which made our selection process even more difficult.  We appreciate every one who submitted an application.)


Activated Sound-  Ryan Kann

A music box activated by presence of its viewers. This interactive kinetic sculpture will create an intimate experience of light, sound and form.

Location: Along pathway in campground 


Animal Run – Dale and Dalan Hartmann (dad-daughter duo)

This series of 5 wooden structures in the shape of animals from American folk stories are spread throughout the fest grounds. Check then out in the daylight and at night for two different experiences. Feel free to touch, spin, and arrange the critters at your leisure.

Location: Multiple locations around the campground and festival bowl


Blue Ox Shrine – Emma Murano & Andy Caron (returning artist and installation)

An ode to the Blue Ox magic, the shrine provides a space for festival attendees to gather, place offerings, and set intentions. The shrine contains a welcoming glow of light at night and a prominent presence during the day with the focal point of an abstract and ornate Blue Ox. You are welcome to explore the shrine and it’s forest themed details which will be placed with intricate intention. A secret message or two may be included.

Location: Along pathway to the Backwoods Stage 


Bluegrass Chicken Shack –  Jon Kehoe (aka Bluegrass Chicken Man)

The Bluegrass Chicken Shack, where all animals are welcome. Come see where the Chicken Man is cooped up for the weekend and #jointheflock

Location: Woodchuck Camping Area


Can You See it? –  Nora Phillips (returning artist)

Gaze into the void within this infinity cube.

Location: TBD


das Ochsenspiel (prounced OXen-Shpell) –  Sarah Gleiss; Lodi, WI

“Das Ochsenspiel” is the manifestation of so many treasured experiences that I have shared with family, friends, and students over the last decade. As a German teacher, the traditional Bavarian aesthetic has always held a place in my heart and this kitschy creation helps me reminisce on countless beautiful Blue Ox memories! Inspired by numerous trips to Munich, a boat ride through “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland, and the cuckoo clock inherited from a grandparent, das Ochsenspiel serves a tribute to Wisconsin’s German roots. Prost!

Location: TBD


Fence-tival Fence-tastical –  Kelsey M Wenberg (returning artist) & Tina Hanly

A fiber installation that activates and beautifies an often overlooked part of the Blue Ox grounds – the chain-link fence! This visual and tactile experience will excite festival goers with vibrant Blue Ox colors and a bold geometric design. Fence-tastical reuses old fibers and light-catching yarns in patterns tediously constructed by artisan hands into an optical delight for all.

Location: Festival Bowl 


“If Only, If Only” –  Nora Phillips (returning artist & installation)

Take flight with these life-sized stained (plexi) glass wings by local stained glass artist Olvi Glass.

Location: TBD


Lofty Dreams –  Zach Tauer (returning artist & installation)

Using the shape of traditional bluegrass instruments, the artists overlay an imagery of color, using elements of abstraction, conception, and expression. UV reactive paint and UV lights are used to create a special nighttime interactive experience.

Location: Potluck Pickin Place


Mystical Mushroom Forest – Lindsey Tess and Sammie Jasper (returning artist & installation)

A glowing mushroom sculpture forest representing a mycelial network. Meant to serve as a space of grounding energy that welcomes all to come and enjoy its ambiance.

Location: Along pathway leading to Backwoods Stage (near Honeybee Camp)


Neon Forest – Gifted to Blue Ox from Haley and Eric Pratt 

A retro inspired neon sign and a school of glowing jellyfish light the way and add surreal nighttime magic to the Backwoods Stage! Haley and Eric introduced us to these beautiful jellies back in 2021 and since then they have become a staple to the experience at our Backwoods Stage. Haley and Eric moved oversees to start a new adventure back in January but before they moved, they graciously gifted Blue Ox with the jellies and neon sign so that we can continue the magic they started. 

Location: At the Backwoods Stage 


Prismatica: A Rainbow Reverie –  Sarah Alexander

Step into a world of color with Prismatica, an art installation that invites you to embrace the magic of rainbows. As you navigate the space captivating your senses, creating a dazzling spectacle of light and hues — allow yourself to dance amongst the rainbows. Let yourself be mesmerized by the ethereal beautify of Prismatica and experience a dreamlike journey through a kaleidoscope of colors.

Location: Along pathway leading to Backwoods Stage (near Honeybee Camp)


Ten Years of Blue Ox – Ty Helbach

Celebrate 10 years of Blue Ox through photos with Ty Helbach

Location: Inside Blue Ox Lodge


Spreading Love & Joy through Mail –  Teresa Adams

The inspiration for this project comes from the idea of spreading love, magic, and random acts of kindness. It’s the hope this installation will inspire people to think about decreasing the vibration of fear and increasing the vibration of love and connectedness. This is a whimsical and interactive space where visitors are invited to write heartfelt love letters to strangers.

The post office setting includes a mailbox, stationary supplies, art supplies and a workspace for creativity and reflection. The idea is to write and craft letters and postcards that the receiver might need to hear. The messages can be simple and fun, healing, poetic and inspirational; think about a message you might even need to hear or might like to receive yourself and pass it along.

During the festival, the love letters will be delivered at random to festival goers. Through this act of writing and delivering love letters the installation aims to foster a sense of love, magic and positivity in both the writer and the recipient, ultimately promoting a more compassionate and harmonious world.

Location: In the festival bowl 


Symbiotic Associations –  Ted Semling

A ground level installation of various Raku fired clay mushrooms consisting of Black Metallic Trumpets, Iridescent Parasols and Copper Amanitas.

Location: By the Blue Ox lodge 


Troupe Phantôme Phantoche – Rodney Arthur and Stacey Huffstutler (returning artist & installation)

An interactive, psychedelic shadow puppet theater featuring an expanded cast of woodland festival inspired characters for guests to stop in and play with on the big screen during the music each night. Hand shadows, hoopers and dancers are encouraged to take advantage of this backdrop as well. During the day there will be a puppet making station with all supplies to make your own creations for the evening puppet shows.

Location: Music Festival Bowl 


Up and Away – Jennifer Castellano-Sanguine Art Studio (returning artist & installation)

Hand woven hoops, inspired by bubbles and the joy they bring to families and many others.

Sanguine Art Studio Facebook Page

Location: Along pathway by the Backwoods Stage 


Woodland Owl –  John Kowalczyk (returning artist)

A wall of cellophane between trees will serve as a canvas for an owl with string instruments in a woodland scene, painted by muralist John Kowalczyk in his signature style.

Location: Along pathway leading to Backwoods Stage