2022 Art in the Pines

Art Installations at Blue Ox 2022 sponsored by Visit Eau Claire & Wisconsin Arts Board

Art in the Pines is an assortment of unique and engaging art created and installed by regional artists which you’ll find within the campground and festival bowl.


Congratulations to the applicants who were chosen to be a part of Art in the Pines at Blue Ox 2022!

(We had a lot of amazing submissions and appreciate every one who submitted an idea this year.)


Babe’s Balls #2 – Christina Singleton and Matt Burns

“Babe’s Balls” are strategically placed LED balls that will lit up the Pines Music Park pond. The balls will illuminate the pond water at night to give the Blue Ox grounds a magical vibe at dusk.

*Returning artist from Blue Ox 2021

Location: Pond within the Music Festival Bowl


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Emmy Berning

Suspended eyeball cluster orbs watch you from the trees. This illuminated piece will keep an eye on you both day and night.

Location: Within the trees, next to the the Blue Ox lodge 


Enchanted Jellyfish Forest – Haley Schulz + Eric Pratt

A glowing jellyfish forest to light the way and add surreal nighttime magic to the Backwoods Stage!

*Returning artist from Blue Ox 2021. VIEW 2021 INSTALLATION 

Location: Backwoods Stage area within unreserved GA camping


The Gleaming Cube – Tim Sprengelmeyer

The Gleaming Cube represents the motion of a cube; twisting and cascading upwards or downwards. It is made from stainless steel and is illuminated by color changing LEDs.

Location: Unreserved GA camping; near Honeybee Camp


Light Chimes – Katie Blaisdell

At The Blue Ox Music Festival old and new friends come together. In the midst of our days together, we often seek out a unique element on site that becomes a home base. With this installation, LIGHT CHIMES, a series of colored acrylic tubes are suspended in a chandelier-like array near the entry to three camping sections to provide visual interest and serve as wayfinding for festival goers both day and night.

-Yellow will lead you to Honeybee Camp and the Soul Sanctuary 

-Blue will lead you to Woodchuck Camp and the Backwoods Stage 

-Pink will lead you to Eagle Camp and the Potluck Pickin’ Place


Light the Way – Jan Huinker

The sign will light the way to the eclectic arts, lighting and music! Jan recently started painting at the young (and agile) age of 72 and was inspired to paint this piece by a photo from last year’s Blue Ox showing the colorfully lit trees. Jan chose barn wood to keep the outdoor feel and looks forward to attending her first music festival!

Location: In the festival bowl near the Blue Ox lodge