Camping Walk Times

Blue Ox 2022: June 23-25!

No matter where you camp at Blue Ox, including Prairie Reserved, you’re no more than a 7 minute walk away from all of the amenities within the festival bowl area.

*Unreserved tent camping included on a first come first served basis starting Thursday, June 23rd (gates open at 7AM). Choose from the following sections: Woodchuck, Eagle, Honeybee, Quiet, Prairie or Family unreserved.



Car Camping: If you would like to park your car near your unreserved campsite or sleep in your car in an unreserved section then you will need to purchase a car camping pass. These are available in limited quantities. Buy HERE!

Prairie Reserved RV:  In an effort to give you a better camping experience, we have moved the majority of our reserved non-electric RV sites from the Fields to the Prairie. Buy HERE!

  • Reserved camping for RVs with generator use permitted.
  • Size: minimum of 20′ wide x 30′ long
  • More level campsites compared to those previously located in the Fields.
  • Located about a 3- 5 minute walk to the festival bowl.
  • Includes free early move-in on Wednesday June 22nd.

Prairie Reserved Tent/Car: This section is idea for those who would like to arrive to a specific spot for tent/car camping. We’ve created a separation between these sites and our RV sites to improve the safety and surrounding views for tent campers so you don’t have to worry about a generator or big rig next door. Buy HERE!

  • Reserved camping for tents and cars Only
  • Size: 20′ wide x 30′ long
  • More level campsites compared to the Fields.
  • Located about a 4.5 – 6 minute walk to the festival bowl
  • Includes free early move-in on Wednesday June 22nd

Fields Reserved: Going into the 2022 festival year, we have closed off many of the sloped sites in the fields and replaced these with flatter sites in the Prairie. Sites that were available in previous years will be used for overflow parking for overnight guests and day parking. This will result in campsites more suited for camping and less car traffic in these reserved camping areas. If you’ve been unhappy with your reserved campsite in the Fields in the past, we suggest that you reserve a Prairie RV or Prairie Tent/Car site for next year’s fest. Buy HERE!

(Prairie Campground pictured below)



Sold Out Reserved Campsites:

  • Electric Reserved
  • Electric Prairie Reserved
  • Pines Reserved
  • Family Reserved

*Please contact us if you would like to be added to a waitlist for any of the above reserved sections for Blue Ox 2022. We cannot guarantee that you will get a site in one of these sections but we will be in contact if something becomes available on our end.


Phone: 715-602-4440 (Open Monday-Friday; 9am-5pm CST)

Post Published 10/25/2021