WuGrass feat Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire

Performing Late Night on Saturday, June 24

Chicken Wire Empire has been a staple of the upper Midwest bluegrass scene since 2014. Audiences from coast to coast and across the sea have enjoyed the musical tastes of Chicken Wire Empire, as they forge ahead and adapt to an ever-changing world. In 2022, the band released a collaboration with Minnesota songsmith Chris Castino of the Big Wu. Pulling from Castino’s songwriting catalogue originally written for a rock band, CWE reimagined the tunes in their bluegrass style. The release, “Fresh Pickes” features many guests from the greater bluegrass scene, including Peter Rowan, Sam Bush and more. This “Wugrass” is a perfect tie between roots music of Wisconsin and Minnesota. CWE’s latest project is “Verry Garcia,” and exploration into the sound of Jerry Garcia, out in Spring 2023. CWE gives gratitude to all of their friends and family for their love and support. Forward!

Songwriting is the most beloved part of being in music for Chris Castino. He’s a rhythm and lead guitarist, singer, rookie flatpicker, writer, and producer who has recently celebrated 30 years of being in Minnesota’s most famous jamband The Big Wu. Successful? He hasn’t had a day job since the 1900’s he’s still willing to do anything and everything to avoid that.