Thirsty River at Blue Ox Music Festival

The Thirsty River

Writing and performing in the Twin Cities and surrounding area, The Thirsty River has an undeniable passion that is constantly pushing the limits of Americana music. Not to be defined by their first two studio albums, The St. Croix Sessions & Waffles, they are constantly evolving and refuse to be bound to a single genre. Encompassing intimate and energetic performances with dynamic harmonies and inevitable on-stage banter, their refreshing take on what they consider “normal behavior” is impossible to manifest into words. Creating songs about whisky, tobacco, beer, women, whisky, growin’ old, workin’ hard, whisky, chewin’, ramblin’, murder & whisky; they are sure to play something that both you and your grandparents will enjoy.

We are excited to have The Thirsty River for their first Blue Ox Music Festival appearance.