Pokey LaFarge (solo)

Pokey LaFarge is most purely a rambler. Traveling the world, his songs reflect his adventures. Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he had a healthy diet of influences from blues and bluegrass to ragtime and old-time country. With a focus on lyrics and groove, his music is a combo of traditional jazz and something that sounds like Bob Dylan, mixed with the chanson singers of France, a waltz mixed with Cumbia, or soul mixed with Swing. LaFarge’s wide-ranging rhythms, steeped in the very essence of jazz, buoy his starkly poetic songs. From his first record in 2006 to his 2017 critically acclaimed, Manic Revelations, LaFarge’s deft way with words and music won him raves from critics. LaFarge has evolved and reinvented himself as an artist and poet, continually refining his sound. His signature style is reflected in his affinity for pre-1950s menswear – timeless and refined good taste.