One Way Traffic at Blue Ox Music Festival

One Way Traffic

One Way Traffic is a St. Louis-based band with an eclectic sound influenced by bluegrass, Americana, folk and blues. The band includes musicians Leah Osborne (vocals/baritone ukulele/washboard), Drew Lance (percussion/vocals), Erik Ferguson (bass), Sam Avery (guitar/vocals) and Sam Aubuchon (mandolin).

One Way Traffic has gained momentum quickly and forcefully. Shortly after releasing their debut album, Turn Right, in July 2019, the band competed in and won the 2019 Northwest String Summit Band Competition.

All members are songwriters aiming to keep it fresh and share their experiences with listeners through a unique approach and an honest delivery. One Way Traffic is made up of seasoned musicians that are hungry, young, and genuinely enjoy working together — and it shows in live performances. What gives the band an undeniable edge is their outlook on making music: they strive to connect.