David Huckfelt

In the autumn of 2018, David Huckfelt left behind the comfort of his home in Minneapolis, along with the camaraderie of his critically acclaimed band, The Pines, and relocated to America’s most remote and least visited national park, Isle Royale. Six hours by boat off the Michigan coast, Isle Royale is an isolated stretch of wilderness seemingly forgotten by the 20th century. As an Artist-In-Residence, selected by the National Park Service, Huckfelt spent two weeks writing in solitude, channeling the mysterious and lonesome island’s spirits into his stunning debut solo album, Stranger Angels released February 22, 2019. The album, recorded in a 100-year-old Wisconsin farm, is a twelve-song stream-of-consciousness opus and provides a stirring soundtrack to the “thin places” where the world, seen and unseen – collide.