COVID-19 Safety

Here at the Pines Music Park your safety and the safety of our community are important to us. As a result, we are following the path of the current COVID-19 pandemic very closely. Taking in information from the CDC, Eau Claire City-County Health Department, and solutions coming out of the music industry itself. We are lucky to be an outdoor event spread across 120 acres which inherently creates a safer environment to enjoy live music.

In the State of Wisconsin health regulations are enforced at the local level so we are working closely with these local health officials to ensure that the event is safe for our employees, artists, attendees, and the community at large.

We understand that there are still a lot of unknowns out there as we enter a new phase of the pandemic. Vaccines are rolling out to the most vulnerable and exposed individuals at this time and are expected to be available to the population at large in the coming months. This will change the face of the pandemic. As a result, we feel it is premature to list off rules and regulations that will dictate our festival. More information will be coming out from health officials about what are appropriate and safe actions for a widely vaccinated population. We plan to follow this guidance.

We will keep you updated on our plan as we get more details.

*Refunds will be available for Blue Ox 2021 only if the event is forced to be cancelled due to COVID-19 related Public Health Policy