We are located at 5024 Crescent Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Thank you for joining us for the 5th annual Blue Ox Music Festival. We are looking forward to hosting you once again at Whispering Pines Campground for a fun filled weekend of great music and community.

Please read the following information to be prepared upon arrival at the festival. This will ensure that there are no surprises for you and that the process of getting you into the festival goes quickly so you can get to enjoying your time here right away.

Please print off your tickets or download your PDF tickets to your phone before arrival so that they may be quickly scanned at the gate.



Pines Gate: RV Electric, Reserved Pines, and Reserved Family ticket holders
Fields Gate: Fields Reserved ticket holders and ALL UNRESERVED CAMPING

Pines Gate Hours:

Wednesday: 9AM – 8PM*


Thursday: 7AM – 9PM*

Friday: 9AM – 6PM*

Saturday: 10AM – 6PM*

*After Pines Gate closes, all traffic will be diverted to the Fields Gate for entry.


Fields Gate Hours:

Wednesday: 9AM – 8PM*


Thursday: 7AM – 12AM*

Friday: 9AM – 12AM*

Saturday: 10AM -11PM*



Multi-day ticket holders that arrive on Thursday before 7PM may drive into the campground.

If you have a car camping pass you will be allowed to leave your car near your campsite in our unreserved camping area.
*Car camping is sold out

If you DO NOT have a car camping pass you will still be allowed to drop off your belongings at your unreserved campsite but will need to park your car in one of our adjacent parking areas along the west and north boundary roads or in the fields parking area.
*All tent campers will be able to drive back to their site on Sunday to pack up.



All single day ticket holders should enter through the Fields gate. Upon the scanning of your ticket you will be directed into the day parking lot.

Please note that Thursday and Friday ticket holders can NOT camp on site at Whispering Pines Campground.

*Saturday only pass holders may camp but will not be able to enter the pines camping area with their vehicle unless they possess a car camping pass.



Unreserved tent camping is included with all multi-day and Saturday only passes. If you arrive with an RV or pull-behind camping unit without a reserved campsite pass you will need to purchase one at the gate.
*Limited reserved sites are available in the fields.

People without car camping pass will be allowed to drop off their belongings at their campsite in the unreserved camping area until 7:00 PM on Thursday and until 11:00 AM on Friday. After this time, people who do not possess a car camping pass will be directed to overflow fields parking. Only people being issued their car camping pass for the first time may enter the pines camping area with their vehicle. A car camping pass or having a reserved campsite does not allow in and out privilege. If you leave the campgrounds at any time with your vehicle you will be directed to overflow fields parking upon your return, even if you have a car camping pass sticker or reserved site.

Pines Camping gate CLOSES AT 8PM (dark) to all vehicle traffic. If you arrive after this time, even with a car camping pass, you will be directed to fields overflow parking and will be able to retrieve your car the following day.



Please help us conserve the limited space in our family camping area. It may be tempting to setup in this area due to its convenience to the festival area however, we ask you to please respect the fact that families with young children have unique challenges in attending a music festival, and we would like to make it easier on them. Please save family camp for families with children.

This is also a special space that we have set aside convenient to our Boat and Bluegrass Family Stage.


Please be prepared for uneven ground which is the reality of the geology of our campgrounds.  Some helpful tools for leveling your RV or camper unit include jacks, a shovel, and leveling blocks of 2×6 or larger lumber.

More information on leveling your camping unit can be found HERE

We do have a limited number of alternative sites for those of you with unsuitable campsites. We are sorry about any inconvenience; we are willing to help work with you to make move-in as stress free as possible.



Ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are available in the Eau Claire area in addition to Taxi service. Our Pickup and Dropoff location is near the Fields Ticketing Office.

Shuttle Service is also available from local hotels. Schedule information AND pricing can be found on the Blue Ox website HERE



  • Carry-in Food and Beverage are NOT allowed into the concert bowl area.
    • Factory sealed water bottles are ok.
    • Water stations are located within the perimeter so bring an empty container to fill.
  • Large Pop-up/EX-up tents are NOT allowed in the concert bowl area.
    • Small shade structures under 4 ft tall are allowed along the rear perimeter but must removed at the end of the day.
  • Chairs are allowed in designated areas
    • Must be removed at the end of the day.
  • All bags carried into the concert bowl are subject to search

*Please remove all personal items by the end of the day, Blue Ox is not liable for any items left behind.